Comprehensive Coaching for Motivated Athletes

Premium Coaching Plans

Veloce Coaching gives you more than a training plan—we provide custom analytics and feedback, race-day advice, and weight management techniques.

Pro Software Analytics

Integrating the same software as UCI Pro’s and Olympic athletes, Veloce provides highly-tailored workouts and detailed reports for every athlete.

Power Meter Included

Power-based training allows for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Veloce is so committed to athletic growth that we include a power meter rental for free with qualifying coaching plans.

Unlimited Communications

Coaching is so much more than planning workouts! All Veloce Coaching plans include unlimited communications—if you have questions or need help, you’re covered.

The Veloce Philosophy

coaching is more than putting workouts on a calendar
Athletic success requires holistic training

It takes more than consistent saddle-time to be successful on the bike. Veloce Coaching takes a holistic approach to training, providing inputs to athletes' recovery, race techniques, and diet, as well as workouts. Success is a whole-life effort.

Veloce Coaching also stands behind the idea that increased knowledge and understanding corresponds with increased effectiveness in training. When an athlete is convinced about their training program's benefits, workouts take on new meaning and relevance. Veloce athletes are given an explanation for every prescribed workout, and are never left in the dark regarding a training program or method.

  • Training
  • Lifestyle
  • Recovery
  • Skill

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